Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beale Street and Graceland


Memphis was a lot of fun, despite the humidity.  Since it's been a few days since we were there, I can now look back on it and remember other stuff we did without my brain being completely turned to mush by the 1000% (not a typo) humidity.  I think the heat index was 105 degrees. 

It was the first time my girls had ever seen the Mississippi River.  Where we were at it wasn't spectacularly big because there was an island, Mud Island, in the way.  So they weren't too impressed. 

We rode the trolley down to Beale Street for lunch.  And no, I am very sorry to say I didn't get to have world famous Memphis BBQ.  Most of the places we came across didn't really allow children so we ended up eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

After Beale Street we headed out to Graceland. 

I must reiterate that I am not really an Elvis fan.  I was born too late and I don't like his music much, or his movies.  But I did feel that when in Memphis, one must visit Graceland.  I will also point out that we were some of the youngest people there.  Most definitely one of the few with kids in strollers.  Like the only ones with kids in strollers. 

Here we are in front of the mansion.  The headsets are for the narrated tour of the house and the grounds. 
Here is Elvis' living room.  Lots of living in this room...until, well, until he wasn't living anymore.  (Was that a bad joke?  LOL, sorry)
This was the ceiling in his TV room.  He had a bunch of TV's and mirrors all over the room. 
This is the jungle room.  Green shag carpet on the floor...and the ceiling.  Can't beat 70's fashions. 
Outside was where he kept his horses.  Um...duh.  I caught this picture just a second too late.  Krysten was climbing on the fence and the horse came over and she was petting him on the nose.  Despite the sign that says do not pet the horses.  But what is a 3 year old to do when the horse sticks his nose out begging for attention????
Elvis had a raquetball house built in his backyard.  Since he's no longer playing raquetball, they've turned it into an Elvis record shrine.  They play his music throughout the room and of course Krysten took advantage and started dancing.
Here is where Elvis is buried.  Along with a memorial to his twin brother, and his parents and grandmother.

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