Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eurovision 2010

Anyone ever heard of Eurovision? Probably not if you live in the United States. I hadn't heard of it either until last year. I would probably still be in the dark if it weren't for my cousin's husband who is from Denmark.

Eurovision is like the original American Idol. Eurovision has been around since like the '50's. It's humongously popular in Europe. I am sure that's an understatement.

Cos has gotten all of us into watching it via the Internet. Last year they had this huge Eurovision party at their house, it was lots of fun voting for who we thought should win. Obviously we couldn't call in, since the US doesn't participate.

This year my cousin Gina, Cos and Chey attended the Eurovision 2010 finals in Oslo, Norway! (They happened to be in Denmark at the time and Norway is just a hop and a skip away.)

Check out Eurovision either at their own website, or on youtube. There's tons of videos there.

In case you are wondering....Germany was this year's winner.

I'd post the video--- but I'm a loser and don't know how.

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parisian_love1 said...

I love your article about Eurovision!! I am from Russia and I definitely love the time when some of our musicians participate in Eurovision. Look up Dima Bilan he is a reat singer, who participated in Eurovision and did an awesome job!!
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Best wishes, keep posting!!