Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tour of the Gila

It's always been fun to watch the Tour of the Gila. Especially the downtown criterion on Saturday. Back in college I first became interested in the bike races because...well...because these boys have some nice legs! And when you're 20 and you're female, what else do you need? Throw in some athletic competition, an element of danger, and a dash of awe and I'm all for it.

It's so cool to watch the racers downtown, especially coming down Broadway and make that turn onto Bullard Street! My apologies to those of you who are unfamiliar with our fair town. Just rest assured that this sight is a thing to behold. Imaging 50+ bicyclists bunched together, racing at speeds upwards of 40 mph as they race down a hill and make the turn that is just barely big enough for them to make the turn safely. Let me tell ya, you'd best get your toes away from the curb or else someone's gonna hit them!! They are that close.

The Tour of the Gila always creates a buzz in town. There's lovers and there's haters. I'm a lover myself. I love watching them all over town during the 5 days they're here. I don't mind the delays or all the people on bikes in the streets. I enjoy this part of what makes Silver City unique. Even my girls got into the spirit. Everytime they'd see someone on a bike, Krysten would yell out "bike racer, bike racer!"

The past 2 years the Tour of the Gila notoriety has been bumped up a few notches, thanks mostly to the appearance of the best racer on the planet- Lance Armstrong!!! Last year was his first time to come and I totally became Lance-obsessed. I followed his twitter, his facebook, his everything.

All of us had a great time watching the races. The girls loved watching the bike racers too.

Lance, if you're reading this (HA!), please know that there's is a certain 4 yr old little girl who adores you and yells your name everytime she sees someone on a bike!

Oh,... and Lance...I know that it boils down to strategy and all....but us here in li'l ole' Silver City would love to see you win our race. We like Levi and all and we know he's your friend and teammate, but...I'm just sayin' :)


Angela said...

I just loved reading your blog today! Made me giggle and smile and sure miss that I wasn't there to see it this year.

PBJ said...

I love the upside down sunglasses. I am glad the girls liked it.