Monday, May 24, 2010

Mogollon Baldy trip

My dear hubby left early this morning. He won't be back until next Saturday.

Where is he going you ask?

Here is where he's going. To the top of the tallest mountain in the Gila Wilderness. Mogollon Baldy, elevation 10, 702 feet.

Some of you might be wondering how to say Gila or Mogollon, since ya'll ain't from these parts. :)

Mogollon: gringo way: muggy-own

spanish: mo-ho-yon. (g's are h's and ll's are y's.)

Gila: hee-la. if you say gee-la, people will laugh.

Aaron and his crew are clearing the trail that leads up to the top of Mogollon Baldy so they can pack the lookout in next week. During the winter with the heavy snows, many rocks and trees end up obstructing the trail so every year it needs to be cleared.

The lookout stays up there all summer watching for smokes which indicate fires. Don't worry, they don't live in the tower, there's a cabin for them to stay in.
I'll share pictures of his trip when he gets back :)

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