Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Montessori, and Thank You.

Last night was Kylee's end of the year program for the Montessori School. Her class sang 3 different songs, they were too cute!
The program was at the Little Theater at Silver High. My girls (especially Krysten) absolutely love this statue of the Fighting Colt that is in front of the school. They wave excitedly everytime we pass by the school. (FYI: The school mascot is the Fighting Colts, colors are blue and silver)Doesn't everyone want to have a picture of their child with her hand up the nether regions of a horse?

The Montessori School ended up being a great opportunity for Kylee this year. She was challenged academically and was able to move at her own pace (which was pretty fast!). She knows all 7 continents, she can count to 100, skip count by 10's, the list goes on and on.
Next year we have enrolled her in the PreK program in the Cobre Schools.
It's a full preK program, not a DD preschool. It's also FREE! They will be learning academic stuff through play and socialization. As Kylee gets older she will be needing the structure of public school classrooms.
Did I mention it's free?
Kylee is very excited about her new school. Since we technically live in the Cobre district she will get to ride the bus to school. She calls it her 'bus school'.
Thank you Miss Melanie and Miss Cherry, we appreciate all you've done for Kylee this year. She will miss you guys! Thank you Guadalupe Montessori School.

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